Funny Shirts Celestial Buddies - Polaris with AB and B friends

About the Celestial Buddies - Polaris with AB and B friends

Introducing the newest member of the Celestial Buddies family....Polaris! - The first buddy to have built in lights! - Press the feet and watch the face light up with joy!

Light in action! - Transitioning into different glow colours:

How to use the light function:

Tallest celestial buddy of them all, with a height seated approximately 10"; Polaris Ab is 3 1/2" and Polaris B is 4"

Polaris is the brightest star in the constellation Ursa Minor (a/k/a Little Bear or Little Dipper).

A little about me...I’m also part of a multiple star system orbited by my two little companions, Polaris Ab and Polaris B.

I am located almost directly above the earth’s North Pole. I do not appear to “rise” or “set” but seem almost motionless while the other stars of the northern sky appear to to revolve around me.

Locate me in the sky and follow me, and you will be heading north.

I helped sailors and explorers (like Christopher Columbus) navigate across the Atlantic Ocean into uncharted territory, and I will also keep you safe and guide you through the night.

Product information:

Educational Tags with facts included

3 AA Batteries in childproof internal case included

- Appropriate for children 3 years of age and up

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