"Nanoblocks are a superior building experience with greater challenge, sophistication and detail than any other construction set. Build models with incredible detail, astounding authenticity and unparalleled realism, results unmatched by other block-based systems. With bricks as small as 4mmx5mm and manufactured to the highest tolerances for a perfect fit, make amazing 3D art that fits in the palm of your hand. The Smaller the Brick the Better the Build; all sets come with detailed step by step instructions, for ages 12+"

  • Nanoblock - Orbiting Solar Observatory (NAN-NBC199)
    £9.50 Nanoblock - Orbiting Solar Observatory (NAN-NBC199)
    Create your very own 3D Orbiting Solar Observatory with this micro block building set. With over 108 pieces this set builds up to give fine detail never before achieved with building blocks.
  • Nanoblock - Saturn V Rocket (NAH-NBH130)
    £19.99 £17.99 Nanoblock - Saturn V Rocket (NAH-NBH130)
    This miniature Nanoblock scale model of the Saturn V Rocket is one of a series of micro sized models to build and collect. With 370 pieces of micro- sized 4mm x 4mm x 5mm blocks, full instructions are included to enable you...
  • Nanoblock - Space Shuttle Orbiter (NAN-NBH128)
    £17.99 £16.99 Nanoblock - Space Shuttle Orbiter (NAN-NBH128)
    Build an amazingly detailed model of an Orbiter Space Shuttle with the power of micro-sized interlocking bricks! Pieces: 370
  • Nanoblock NAN-NBC198 Astronaut
    £9.50 Nanoblock NAN-NBC198 Astronaut
    A pioneering astronaut made with micro-sized building blocks. This 3D puzzle from Nanoblock helps develop three-dimensional thinking, problem solving skills and creative play. Smaller than standard size blocks, these...