Funny Shirts NASA Moon Miner Game

About the NASA Moon Miner Game

Moon Miner. The suspenseful game of strategy where the object is to knock out the rocks - don’t let the astronaut fall through!

The integrity of the Moon surface is reduced with every piece mined.

Play it safe by removing non-integral pieces or deliberately target structurally important pieces to put pressure on your opponent.

But beware! If they manage to avoid disaster, you’ll be in a worse position - one lucky skip turn can make all the difference!


> 1 x Moon Board Frame

> 4 x Moon Board Legs

> 1 x Astronaut Character

> 2 x Moon Hammer

> 19 x Dark Rock Hexagonal Game Pieces

> 18 x Light Rock Hexagonal Game Pieces

> 1 x Astronaut Indicator Light Rock Hexagonal Game Piece


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