Funny Shirts Ty Tremor Dinosaur Limited Edition 15cm + Celestial Buddies Earth Bundle Box

About the Ty Tremor Dinosaur Limited Edition 15cm + Celestial Buddies Earth Bundle Box


As seen going into space! - Both these fantastic toys have made there way up to space, as each time the astronauts do a mission to space, they can choose to pick a toy. In 2019 little Celestial Buddies Earth was lucky enough to be chosen. In 2020, we saw the TY Tremor Sequin dinosaur take centre stage as we saw the little dinosaur floating around without a care in the world!

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Product Description TY:

Tremor's big long body is always sparkly but never gaudy. This peace-loving dino switches between blue and pink just by petting her scales. Go ahead and give it a whirl. She'd love a good head scratch right about now, if you can reach it!

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Product Description Celestial Buddies Earth:

Super soft and Made of mottled plush with the countries going all the way round.

Earth embroidered on the bottom of his foot!

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