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Alien invasion products have landed! - Collect different coloured alien slime and grow your very own aliens.
  • Squeezy Alien Egg
    £2.99 Squeezy Alien Egg
    Awake your very own pet alien by squeezing them out of the egg! Highly addictive and a great stress relief! You will receive 1x squeezy alien egg, random colour selected.
  • LARGE Grow Alien Egg
    £5.00 LARGE Grow Alien Egg
    Aliens have been trapped in hard shells for hundreds of years! - Unleash the aliens so they can escape quickly! Step one: Completely submerge the end in a container of water. (The temperature of the water should not exceed...
  • Alien Invasion - Hatchling Small
    £3.00 Alien Invasion - Hatchling Small
    Warning Alien Activity in the Area! In four easy steps you can hatch and grow your very own Alien! Step 1: Beam your egg in jug or container and add H2O (water). Step 2: Wait 24 - 48 Earth hours and watch the egg...
  • Alien Ufo Slime With Baby
    £3.00 Alien Ufo Slime With Baby
    Fly around with your favourite alien character and recreate outer space missions. Included is a ufo shaped vehicle, slime and an alien baby. You will receive 1x Alien Ufo, randomly supplied.
  • Alien Invasion - Alien Fizz Bomb
    £3.00 Alien Invasion - Alien Fizz Bomb
    Unleash your alien friend but be careful he does fizz! Step One - Simply drop into water Step Two - Watch him escape out of the shell - How cool is that! Supplied in random colours - 1x Fizz bomb Alien...
  • Alien Splat Ball
    £3.50 Alien Splat Ball
    Squishy alien toy that splats against surfaces when thrown. This liquid-filled extra-terrestrial is very squidgy and shaped like a cartoon alien character, complete with bulging dark eyes. Squeeze the figure and it will...