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Crafting brought to you by Clockwork Soldier. Expand your children mind and why not let them create their very own unique character or settings. Currently you can choose from Robots, Solar Systems, Delta force flyers plus a few more.
  • Amazing Build a Bots
    £5.99 Amazing Build a Bots
    Build your own Robot and then take it apart and build a new one out of the 36 different Robot parts. Create your own Build-a-Bot with this easy to use cardboard construction kit. Build the ultimate Robot and then give him...
  • Build your own - Delta Force Flyers
    £6.99 Build your own - Delta Force Flyers
    The Delta Force Flyers Have you got what it takes to join Delta Force - an elite squadron of inter-galactic peacekeepers who guard and patrol the galaxy's Delta Quadrant? Make and fold your very own Delta Force Flyers. ...
  • Build your own - Robot Puppets
    £6.50 Build your own - Robot Puppets
    You’ll never be without a robot buddy if you make and fold your very own robot friends. Create these two easy to make beautifully designed characters in no more than six easy to follow steps. No messy glue or scissors...
  • Build your own - Rocket
    £5.99 Build your own - Rocket
    The ultimate space sticker activity set. Climb aboard for a mini adventure. With light years of play value that will keep little space cadets occupied and engaged for eons. Load up the Rocket Ship and take a voyage of...
  • Create Your Own Solar System
    £9.99 Create Your Own Solar System
    Create your own solar system. The 3-in-1 solar system activity set. packed with facts and activities.a board game with dice and counters and a create your own giant 3D solar system wall art scene take a trip into space and...
  • Robot Mask Activity Kit
    £3.99 Robot Mask Activity Kit
    Design your own robot head with these four double sided Robot Masks. Side one is a full colour mask and ready to wear. Flip the mask over to discover a side that you can design and colour yourself. Check out the fun robot...
  • Space Magnets Activity Set
    £8.99 Space Magnets Activity Set
    Have fun wherever you go with this Outer Space Magnets Activity Set. The collectable hinged tin carrying case is perfect for storage and for on the go. The magnetic tin collection contains a selection of space themed magnets...