Time to add some light into your life with our carefully selected, space themed lighting from brands such as Paladone and Tobar. They can be hung on the wall, put around your bedroom or even given as a gift for someone!

  • Lumo Rocket Led Neon Light
    £11.99 Lumo Rocket Led Neon Light
    Neon-effect light shaped like a rocket. Powered by a convenient battery pack, this red light illuminates to display the outline of a classic spaceship. Whilst it may look like a bar-style neon light, it's actually a series...
  • Moonlight Desktop Light
    £7.99 Moonlight Desktop Light
    Let the moon cast a gentle glow over your desk of bedside table on even the cloudiest of nights with this realistic Moon Light. The surface of the Moon Light is covered with craters just like the real moon. Can be...
  • Pop Up Rocket Light
    £14.99 Pop Up Rocket Light
    Enjoy colour changing mood lighting or solid white light with this Pop Up Rocket Light. In colour change mode the light softly fades through all visible colours in the known universe creating a soothing effect. Perfect for...
  • Saturn Light
    £11.99 Saturn Light
    Add a celestial touch to your décor with this 3D Saturn shaped pendant light. Decorative by day, a unique light that hangs from your ceiling by night or placed by your bedside table. The design draws inspiration from the...
  • T3K Usb Moon Light
    £9.99 T3K Usb Moon Light
    At last...for those people who only ever asked for the moon on a stick, here it is! A brilliant lunar inspired desk light that fits into any regular USB port on your computer or laptop for a perfect night light to help you...