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  • *SALE* Colour Your Own Superhero Mug
    £4.95 £1.99 *SALE* Colour Your Own Superhero Mug
    Pow...Boom...Walloop! Colour in your favourite superhero characters using crayons or markers. 2 picture inserts included. Ideal for children as they are made out of plastic. Gift boxed - Great as a gift for birthdays etc...
  • *SALE - Damaged packaging* Colour Your Own - Cardboard Rocket
    £25.00 £20.00 *SALE - Damaged packaging* Colour Your Own - Cardboard Rocket
    Perfect for any budding astronaut as they get to build their very own rocket ship! (how cool is that!) The flat-packed panels in this kit fit together to build a 114cm tall rocket with an opening door that allows children...
  • *SALE* Pappwatch Constellation Design
    £14.95 £9.00 *SALE* Pappwatch Constellation Design
    PAPPWATCH – Slim and simple, it fits around every wrist! She makes no difference between young, old, woman, man, and all in between. It can be colourful and monochrome, noisy and elegant. The ideal companion for any...
  • *SALE* Papp Constellation Smartphone Case
    £14.95 £9.00 *SALE* Papp Constellation Smartphone Case
    SMARTPHONE CASE –Smartphone case made of paper but as tough as leather and absolutely vegan with many different colors. Bonus point: The suede inside cleans your display! + Printed on tear-resistant and water-repellent...
  • *SALE* Pappwallet Constellation Design
    £19.95 £9.00 *SALE* Pappwallet Constellation Design
    PAPPWALLET – Wallet with personality and a zipper for its coin pocket with note compartment and credit card pockets. + Printed on tear-resistant and water-repellent TYVEK® + Space for bank notes, coins, credit cards and...
  • *SALE* Magic Floating UFO
    £9.99 £3.50 *SALE* Magic Floating UFO
    Be prepared to amaze and dazzle your friends with this flying UFO! Designed to be the ultimate trick for parties or just for having fun!