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  • 3inch Squeezy Space Plush
    £4.99 Choose Options 3inch Squeezy Space Plush
    3" Space Squeezy Bead plush Ball Soft plush outside with bead filled inside Great for fidgeting Give 'em a squeeze! Choose your favourite from the options; Sun, Earth, Rocket and Galaxy Star...
  • 4inch Bendable Astronaut
    £3.99 Choose Options 4inch Bendable Astronaut
    Bendable Astronaut 4" Out of this world flexibility! You can bend its limbs any which way! You will get a random colour, 1x astronaut.
  • 4M Kidz Labs Zero Gravity Fridge Rover
    £5.50 4M Kidz Labs Zero Gravity Fridge Rover
    Wind up the rover gears and let it move along the fridge surface. See how it moves up and down, defying the force of gravity. It's an amazing science gadget!
  • 7 inch Retro Rocket Glider
    £1.99 7 inch Retro Rocket Glider
    Glides through the air just like a real rocket! Several styles available, it is a mystery which one you will get! You will receive 1x glider.
  • 9.5" Light Up Slingshot Rocket
    £6.99 9.5" Light Up Slingshot Rocket
    Pull back and watch the 9.5” light-up slingshot rocket whistle through the air. Comes presented in a clear packaging box.
  • Alien Invasion - Alien Fizz Bomb
    £3.00 Alien Invasion - Alien Fizz Bomb
    Unleash your alien friend but be careful he does fizz! Step One - Simply drop into water Step Two - Watch him escape out of the shell - How cool is that! Supplied in random colours - 1x Fizz bomb Alien...
  • Alien Invasion - Hatchling Small
    £3.00 Alien Invasion - Hatchling Small
    Warning Alien Activity in the Area! In four easy steps you can hatch and grow your very own Alien! Step 1: Beam your egg in jug or container and add H2O (water). Step 2: Wait 24 - 48 Earth hours and watch the egg...
  • Alien Space Bouncer
    £11.99 Alien Space Bouncer
    One of the most iconic toys from the 1970s, the space hopper is just as popular with kids today. And we think little ones everywhere will be longing to have a go on this bright green Alien Space Hopper from the Professor...
  • Alien Splat Ball
    £3.50 Alien Splat Ball
    Squishy alien toy that splats against surfaces when thrown. This liquid-filled extra-terrestrial is very squidgy and shaped like a cartoon alien character, complete with bulging dark eyes. Squeeze the figure and it will...
  • Alien Ufo Slime With Baby
    £3.00 Alien Ufo Slime With Baby
    Fly around with your favourite alien character and recreate outer space missions. Included is a ufo shaped vehicle, slime and an alien baby. You will receive 1x Alien Ufo, randomly supplied.
  • Astronaut Stress Toy
    £3.99 Astronaut Stress Toy
  • Discovery Channel Cosmic Sand
    £4.99 Discovery Channel Cosmic Sand
    If your fed up with boring sand, which quite frankly does not do much apart from getting stuck in between your toes...then get this cosmic sand instead! Bend, Twist, Pull..the possibilities are endless. Weirdly this product...
  • Galaxy Ball with Light
    £2.50 Galaxy Ball with Light
    This awesome galaxy ball features a light inside - how cool is that? Simply press hard against any surface and watch it glow! Hit again to turn off - amazing! One coloured ball supplied at random...
  • Inflatable Globe
    £6.99 Inflatable Globe
    Learn geography with this fully-detailed inflatable globe. A great fun teaching aid for classrooms and the home
  • LARGE Grow Alien Egg
    £5.00 LARGE Grow Alien Egg
    Aliens have been trapped in hard shells for hundreds of years! - Unleash the aliens so they can escape quickly! Step one: Completely submerge the end in a container of water. (The temperature of the water should not exceed...
  • Light up meteor ball
    £2.99 Light up meteor ball
    1x supplied, colour at random.
  • Moon Candle
    £4.99 Moon Candle
    This moon candle features realistic craters and has the perfect lavender scent! Fantastic gift idea as each candle comes boxed.
  • Rocket Stress Toy
    £3.99 Rocket Stress Toy
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  • Space Shuttle Glider
    £1.99 Space Shuttle Glider
    Our 5-inch Space Shuttle Gliders are just plane fun! Great for entertaining customers indoors and out. See how far your jet can fly and challenge your friends.
  • Space Tattoos
    £2.99 Space Tattoos
    Enjoy space-themed fun with these temporary tattoos. • Fun design with illustrations of spacecraft • Contains more 24 non-toxic space-themed temporary tattoos • Great fun for parties • Long lasting and durable • ...
  • Squeezy Alien Egg
    £2.99 Squeezy Alien Egg
    Awake your very own pet alien by squeezing them out of the egg! Highly addictive and a great stress relief! You will receive 1x squeezy alien egg, random colour selected.
  • Stretchy Astronaut & Moon
    £5.99 Stretchy Astronaut & Moon
    Fly to the moon with this stretchy astronaut & moon! Place the Astronauts in the holes in your moon ball to resemble walking on the moon. The moon ball stretches, squeezes and the Astronauts are also stretchy...
  • Suki Astro Alienz Jibberjab Large
    £19.99 Suki Astro Alienz Jibberjab Large
    Watch out for...Astro Alienz Jibberjab! He is bright yellow and has a very unique wiggly mouth. Also features top sprouting fluffy Green & Blue Antennae & Fluffy Blue Hairy Arms With Pink Flecks. 40cm...
  • Suki Astro Alienz Zingapea Large
    £19.99 Suki Astro Alienz Zingapea Large
    Watch out for...Astro Alienz Zingapea! He is bright green and has coloured spots all over his body! Also features top sprouting fluffy Green & Yellow Hair. 35cm tall!