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"For over forty years, Schylling, Inc. has specialized in timeless toys. We started out making delightful playthings from a bygone era. Over time we’ve built a distinctive collection of innovative gifts and traditional toys with nostalgic appeal for all ages. As an award-winning toy company located in North Andover, MA on the beautiful North Shore of Boston, Schylling works to create the future in toys by captivating new designs and intriguing refreshes and innovations of toys from the past"
  • Schylling - Mechanical Robot
    £25.00 Schylling - Mechanical Robot
    Collectible robot figurine made from tin with clockwork walking mechanism. Wind up the key and then release it to make this robot walk forward, swinging his arms as he moves along. This highly detailed robot is a highly...
  • Schylling - Mini Tin Robots
    £5.00 Choose Options Schylling - Mini Tin Robots
    Small clockwork robot made from tin and beautifully decorated. Wind up the motor and it will walk forward using a clever stepping mechanism on its underside. Available in five different designs. > Miniature tin robot...
  • Schylling - Cosmo Tin Robot
    £20.00 Schylling - Cosmo Tin Robot
    Colourful tin robot collectible with plastic trim. This figure is highly detailed, with red and blue body sections as well as a selection of cogs displayed on the chest panel. Wind the key on Cosmo's base and he will roll...