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Metal-bending, puzzle-making training on a Calcutta street led to us creating and selling our puzzles on a market stall in London’s Covent Garden. From those humble roots, Professor Puzzle has grown to be a formidable player in the puzzles, games and gift market.

  • Alien Space Bouncer
    £11.99 Alien Space Bouncer
    One of the most iconic toys from the 1970s, the space hopper is just as popular with kids today. And we think little ones everywhere will be longing to have a go on this bright green Alien Space Hopper from the Professor...
  • Crash Landing
    £14.99 Crash Landing
    Perfect for aliens, Martians, and Earthling alike, this colorfully crafted game requires you to send the satellites spinning into outer space with a flick of the finger and try to get them to land in exactly the right zone...
  • Dexterity Puzzles
    £3.99 Choose Options Dexterity Puzzles
    Perfect for aliens, Martians and Earthlings alike, this set of brainteasers is just one piece from our Intergalactic Fun & Games range. Shake, rattle and flip! A tricky test of agility and patience, these little galactic...
  • Puzzle Planet
    £8.00 Choose Options Puzzle Planet
    Puzzleman is blasting off! Just one piece from the Puzzle Planet range, see if you have what it takes to solve this quirky wooden teaser. Product Description: Mission one is to transform the cube into a robot. Mission...