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Sticky, Glorious slime! - We have a variety of slime products available.

All items in this category are 3 for the price of 2, simply add 3 quantity of the same item and watch the price drop in checkout!
  • Alien Ufo Slime With Baby
    £3.00 Alien Ufo Slime With Baby
    Fly around with your favourite alien character and recreate outer space missions. Included is a ufo shaped vehicle, slime and an alien baby. You will receive 1x Alien Ufo, randomly supplied.
  • Galaxy Putty Slime Tub
    £3.50 Galaxy Putty Slime Tub
    This is the very best slime in the whole entire universe. Featuring loads of glitter colours for endless amount of fun. One tub supplied at random.
  • Slime Galaxy Large
    £2.50 Slime Galaxy Large
    A large container including a variety of galactic coloured slime, perfect for any space fan!
  • Solar System Planet Putty
    £4.00 Choose Options Solar System Planet Putty
    Learn about the solar system in a fun and tactile way with Planet Putty! The assorted putty comes in a variety of colours to reflect the planets in our solar system. Squish, squeeze and mould the putty and store by...