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Welcome to our awesome gadget department.

Kids love gadgets and we have every type of gadget they could possibly want including crafting, lighting and even usb gadgets, plus loads more!

Some require batteries and others even require a computer but what we can guarantee is that you will never be bored whilst playing our gadget selection.
  • Mojipower Planet Cable Protector
    £4.95 Mojipower Planet Cable Protector
    All you need is a Planet! Planet is a fun way to protect your cable from breakage while plugged in! How to use: • Insert the cable into the split opening • Slide the cable protector into the end and secure...
  • Mojipower Space Boy Power Bank 2600mAh
    £29.95 Mojipower Space Boy Power Bank 2600mAh
    That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind It’s annoying to run out of power when you need it the most. Avoid this experience by carrying Space Boy power bank with you! Space Boy charger is equipped with a...
  • Mojipower Rocket Multi Cable
    £14.95 Mojipower Rocket Multi Cable
    The Moji Power Rocket Multi-Cable is a stylishly, well-designed charging solution, which allows you to connect several of your smart devices to your power banks and chargers while on-the-go. Key Features - Built with a...
  • Mojipower Moon Bluetooth Speaker
    £29.95 Mojipower Moon Bluetooth Speaker
    Carried away by a moonlight shadow… Take your music everywhere with this cute and powerful Moon Bluetooth Speaker! Details: Compatible with all Bluetooth devices Playing time: up to 3 hours Bluetooth distance:top yo 10...
  • Mojipower Rocket Power Bank
    £29.95 Mojipower Rocket Power Bank
    Charging you to the moon and back! It’s annoying to run out of power when you need it the most. Avoid this experience by carrying Rocket power bank with you! Rocket charger is equipped with a 2600 mAh battery and it...
  • Mojipower 16GB Rocket USB Flash Drive
    £19.95 Mojipower 16GB Rocket USB Flash Drive
    ’ll store your file as fast as a rocket! Make your file storing a lot more fun with our super cool rocket shaped flash drive! The metal chain keeps the flash drive attached to the cladding: do not remove or damage it...
  • 4M Space Air Engine
    £21.95 4M Space Air Engine
    Watch the foam ball float and glow in the dark as if it is defying gravity. Perform interesting experiments and learn about Bernoulliメs airflow principle.
  • 4M Kidz Labs Zero Gravity Fridge Rover
    £5.50 4M Kidz Labs Zero Gravity Fridge Rover
    Wind up the rover gears and let it move along the fridge surface. See how it moves up and down, defying the force of gravity. It's an amazing science gadget!
  • Snapwatch Astronauts Watch
    £14.99 Snapwatch Astronauts Watch
    Introducing the Astronauts design from Snapwatch. Children love the element of a snap band on their wrist, but now the band they wear is useful. The band features a flexible LED watch display and includes super...
  • Nasa Retro Digital Watch
    £19.99 Nasa Retro Digital Watch
    This eye catching retro digital watch will always make sure you leave for your mission on time! The 12 digital LCD display features the hour, minute, second, day and date. There are also other features including; - Daily...
  • Nasa Wireless Suction Powerbank
    £29.99 Nasa Wireless Suction Powerbank
    Houston does not have a problem thanks to the NASA Wireless Suction 5000mAh Power Bank. This NASA Fashion Tech Wireless Suction Powerbank ensures that you stay connected, with power when you need it most. Never again worry...
  • Magnoidz Space Projector Torch
    £6.99 Magnoidz Space Projector Torch
    This cool projector torch includes 5 space themed image lenses to pop over the end of the torch and beam the pictures onto a wall. The torch measures 25cm and is recommended for age 6 and above. 6+
  • NASA Interactive Robot Astronaut
    £29.99 NASA Interactive Robot Astronaut
    Responds to voice and touch. Talk to me and listen as I record and repeat your messages. Moves forward, backward, left and right. - Responds to voice and touch - I record and repeat your messages - Moves forward,...
  • Moonlight Desktop Light
    £7.99 Moonlight Desktop Light
    Let the moon cast a gentle glow over your desk of bedside table on even the cloudiest of nights with this realistic Moon Light. The surface of the Moon Light is covered with craters just like the real moon. Can be...
  • T3K Usb Moon Light
    £9.99 T3K Usb Moon Light
    At last...for those people who only ever asked for the moon on a stick, here it is! A brilliant lunar inspired desk light that fits into any regular USB port on your computer or laptop for a perfect night light to help you...