Welcome to our awesome gadget department.

Kids love gadgets and we have every type of gadget they could possibly want including crafting, lighting and even usb gadgets, plus loads more!

Some require batteries and others even require a computer but what we can guarantee is that you will never be bored whilst playing our gadget selection.
  • Moonlight Desktop Light
    £7.99 Moonlight Desktop Light
    Any astronaut can't be without their nightlight, how else are you meant to get to sleep? This fantastic light represents the shape of the moon and comes with 3 LR44 batteries (included)
  • Orbit Kinetic Mobile
    £25.00 Orbit Kinetic Mobile
    The colourful rings of this imposing, desk-top mobile spin and twirl gracefully around a central sphere. The motion is continuous and, at first glance, impossible to fathom. The secret lies in the base; a battery-powered...
  • Science Museum - Star Lamp Projector
    £9.99 Science Museum - Star Lamp Projector
    The Star Lamp Projector kit is a great light for any bedroom; it will project thousands of stars onto your walls and ceiling. All the pieces and full instructions included to build and understand your very own star...
  • SpaceBot 3000 Interactive Robot
    £25.00 SpaceBot 3000 Interactive Robot
    Introducing Spaceboot 3000!... Here to fight intergalactic battles with his very own shooting functions! Controlled via the intuitive remote control, the robot can walk back and forth, turn left and right, and rotate his...
  • Tin Robot Counting Money Box
    £14.99 Tin Robot Counting Money Box
    Fancy saving up for trip to space? Want to live out your dream of being an astronaut? Save up them spare pennies and you might just get there, in several hundred years time! (not long to go!) Every time you feed Mr Robot, he...
  • Usb Moon Light
    £9.99 Usb Moon Light
    Is it a bird? a plane? no its a moon! Get up close and personal with your very own crafted moon light, powered by USB! (AWESOME!!)