• Space Adventure - Drinking Jar
    £4.99 Space Adventure - Drinking Jar
    This bright and colourful plastic drinking jar features constellations , Albie and dexter the dog!
  • Robot Classic Tin Lunch Box
    £14.99 Robot Classic Tin Lunch Box
    Keep your food safe in this retro tin lunch box. Designed like a classic robot, there's plenty of space for all of your lunch essentials: sandwiches, fruit and even that cheeky chocolate bar! Throw away the plastic bag...
  • Cosmos Side Plates - Set of 4
    £20.00 Cosmos Side Plates - Set of 4
    These set of four side plates feature classic retro space imagery for an out-of-this world dining experience, One small taste for man, one giant leap into space for your tableware. Imagery includes cosmonauts, atom symbol,...
  • Eggstronaut Gift Set
    £6.99 Eggstronaut Gift Set
    Whether your an adult or a child, getting up in the morning can be very dull. Get some eggcitment in your life with your very own egg cup, spoon and toast cutter We've called our astronaut Barry, but what do you call...