Celestial Buddies is an original line of plush characters each personifying a celestial body occupying our heavens.

The Celestial Buddies' "Big Bang" moment occured after the creator of this miniature stuffed universe saw a documentary series on the Solar System and realized that there were no plush toys depicted our planetary neighbors. So she set to work, and Celestial Buddies is the result.

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15 awesome characters to collect:

Comet, Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Neptune, Pluto & Charon, Saturn , Sun, Polaris, The Black Hole, Uranus, Venus and Our Precious Planet(detailed earth).

Little Earth T-Shirt - 100% cotton t-shirts with ethics behind global warming including icons such as Wind power, Cycling and Recycling. Featuring cartoon earth character and the Our Planet Our Responsibility" slogan.

  • Celestial Buddies - Comet
    £24.99 Celestial Buddies - Comet
    I can be described as a dirty snowball because I’m made mostly of frozen water and dust. Some scientists believe that comets are responsible for bringing some water and organic molecules to Earth’s surface at the...
  • Celestial Buddies - Earth
    £24.99 Celestial Buddies - Earth
    Introducing Earth, the cutest cuddliest galactic member. He is super soft! Remember this...Earth is our home and currently the only planet in the Universe where life is known to exist. I am home to millions of...
  • Celestial Buddies - Jupiter
    £24.99 Celestial Buddies - Jupiter
    Jupiter is King of the Planets! Being the most massive planet in our Solar System certainly has its perks! I am the largest planet of the Solar System, 2 ½ times the mass of all the other planets combined, so it makes...
  • Celestial Buddies - Little Earth T-shirt
    £19.99 Choose Options Celestial Buddies - Little Earth T-shirt
    Following on from Celestial Buddies successful plush range, we introduce their latest product....the Little Earth T-shirt. This t-shirt is available in kids/children sizing. Celestial Buddies mission is to teach everyone...
  • Celestial Buddies - Mars
    £24.99 Celestial Buddies - Mars
    Mars, the red planet, is named after the Roman God of War, but he is a lover, not a fighter. This guy is one friendly Martian! I am the fourth planet from the Sun and Earth’s nearest planetary neighbor. I can pass as...
  • Celestial Buddies - Mercury
    £24.99 Celestial Buddies - Mercury
    "Have a planetary bed time hug with this adorable Mercury cuddly toy. With his cute face and winged boots, the smallest and fastest of the planets has never been so loveable." Planet Description: Mercury is the...
  • Celestial Buddies - Moon
    £24.99 Celestial Buddies - Moon
    Moon is the Earth’s only natural satellite and loyally follows the Earth as they both orbit the Sun. I am held in orbit by a mutual attraction to Earth’s gravity. The ocean’s tides are a direct result of my...
  • Celestial Buddies - Neptune
    £24.99 Celestial Buddies - Neptune
    I have the fastest winds in the Solar System . . . as high as 1,300 miles per hour Im named for the Roman God of the Sea, but it’s not water that makes me so blue. It’s the methane in my atmosphere. Because I am so...
  • Celestial Buddies - Our Precious Planet
    £29.99 Celestial Buddies - Our Precious Planet
    Introducing the latest addition to the Galactic gang... Our Precious Planet is a larger (nine inch diameter) more detailed version of Earth designed to help start a conversation about climate change and global warming. 3d...
  • Celestial Buddies - Pluto & Charon
    £27.99 £24.99 Celestial Buddies - Pluto & Charon
    Poor little Pluto is unlucky. He’s out on the edge of the Solar System. He's 3.6 billion miles from the sun. He's cold. He was recently reclassified as a Dwarf Planet and his birthday only comes round once every 248...
  • Celestial Buddies - Polaris with AB and B friends
    £59.99 £39.99 Celestial Buddies - Polaris with AB and B friends
    Introducing the newest member of the Celestial Buddies family....Polaris! - The first buddy to have built in lights! - Press the feet and watch the face light up with joy! Light in action! - Transitioning into different...
  • Celestial Buddies - Saturn
    £24.99 Celestial Buddies - Saturn
    Saturn’s extraordinary rings are one of the most recognised features of our solar system. My rings extend hundreds of thousands of miles into space. Interspersed throughout are particles ranging in size from specks of...
  • Celestial Buddies - Sun
    £29.99 Celestial Buddies - Sun
    "Made of crazy long haired faux fur in yellows, red and orange, this adorable character has plush hands and feet, with 'Sun' embroidered onto the bottom of his left foot. With 2 beady eyes and a little mouth peeping from...
  • Celestial Buddies - The Black Hole
    £24.99 Celestial Buddies - The Black Hole
    Black Hole…Nobody really understands me! I am a “Black Hole”, a place in space where gravity pulls so hard that even light cannot escape. The Black Hole is always very hungry and loves to snack on other celestial...
  • Celestial Buddies - Uranus
    £24.99 Celestial Buddies - Uranus
    Planet Facts: My most unique feature is that I travel around the Solar System on my side, rolling like a ball (not spinning like a top) I’m the seventh planet from the Sun, named for the Greek God of the Heavens. A...
  • Celestial Buddies - Venus
    £24.99 Celestial Buddies - Venus
    Venus has the highest surface temperature than any other planet in our Solar System due to thick clouds that trap in heat. I’m so pretty, but: You can look, but you better not touch!...
  • Celestial Buddies Bundle - Earth and Moon
    £49.98 £44.98 Celestial Buddies Bundle - Earth and Moon
    Grab this unique bundle of both Celestial Buddies Earth and Moon together in one package - usually £24.99 each, save £5.00 with this bundle! Celestial Buddies Earth Did you know that SpaceX launched its Dragon Crew...
  • Celestial Buddies Bundle - Our Precious Planet and Moon
    £54.98 £49.98 Celestial Buddies Bundle - Our Precious Planet and Moon
    Grab this unique bundle of both Celestial Buddies Our Precious Planet and Moon together in one package - usually £29.99 and £24.99 (£54.98 in total) - save £5.00 with this bundle! Celestial Buddies Our Precious...