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Celestial Buddies is an original line of plush characters each personifying a celestial body occupying our heavens.

The Celestial Buddies' "Big Bang" moment occured after the creator of this miniature stuffed universe saw a documentary series on the Solar System and realized that there were no plush toys depicted our planetary neighbors. So she set to work, and Celestial Buddies is the result.

14 awesome characters to collect:

Comet, Earth, Jupiter, Mars, Mercury, Moon, Neptune, Pluto & Charon, Saturn , Sun, Polaris, The Black Hole, Uranus and Venus.

- Why not collect them all?

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Good news!- All celestial buddies now in stock - including new Polaris +AB Friends and the Black Hole Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • Celestial Buddies - Comet
    £22.99 £14.99 Celestial Buddies - Comet
    Comet may not be a planet, but he is still one of the gang. With cool facts on his tag, he features a mohican of white and silver hair and is made of soft, swirly plush! You wouldn't normally hug a hunk of ice, dust, methane...
  • Celestial Buddies - Earth
    £24.99 £22.99 Celestial Buddies - Earth
    Celestial Buddies plush toys are the perfect educational gifts for children who are fascinated about space! Each Celestial Buddies cuddly toy is based on one of the planets and this one is ours...Earth! If you look reeeeally...
  • Celestial Buddies - Jupiter
    £24.99 £14.99 Celestial Buddies - Jupiter
    These adorable science toys for kids will help teach your children all about Jupiter, without having to brave the 480 million mile journey unbreathable air and hurricane storm the size of Earth (which is also his nose!)...
  • Celestial Buddies - Mars
    £24.99 Celestial Buddies - Mars
    It's never too early to think about astrophysics and - for the star child in your life - a planet cuddly toy is a perfect introduction to star gazing. The Celestial Buddies Mars Toy is particularly appealing, with his polar...
  • Celestial Buddies - Mercury
    £24.99 Celestial Buddies - Mercury
    Have a planetary bed time hug with this adorable Mercury cuddly toy. With his cute face and winged boots, the smallest and fastest of the planets has never been so loveable. Named after the messenger to the Roman gods,...
  • Celestial Buddies - Moon
    £24.99 £22.99 Celestial Buddies - Moon
    It might not sound so cute snuggling up with the Moon. It's just space dust and rock and likely to leave more than a smidgen of grit in your bed. However, thanks to Celestial Buddies you can cuddle up with the moon and it...
  • Celestial Buddies - Neptune
    £24.99 £19.99 Celestial Buddies - Neptune
    This Celestial Buddies is one incredibly cuddly planetary pal! He just happens to be educational too. This fun blue interstellar fella is named after the Roman god of the sea, however, it’s not water that makes Neptune so...
  • Celestial Buddies - Pluto & Charon
    £27.99 £24.99 Celestial Buddies - Pluto & Charon
    Poor little Pluto is unlucky. He’s out on the edge of the Solar System. He's 3.6 billion miles from the sun. He's cold. He was recently reclassified as a Dwarf Planet and his birthday only comes round once every 248 years!...
  • Celestial Buddies - Polaris with AB and B friends
    £59.99 £49.99 Celestial Buddies - Polaris with AB and B friends
    Introducing the newest member of the Celestial Buddies family....Polaris! - The first buddy to have built in lights! - Press the feet and watch the face light up with joy! Light in action! - Transitioning into different...
  • Celestial Buddies - Saturn
    £29.99 £24.99 Celestial Buddies - Saturn
    This Celestial Buddies Saturn features the planet's famous rings orbiting around his head and a little tag full of interesting facts. Superb Birthday presents and educational gifts for boys or girls, you kids will love...
  • Celestial Buddies - Sun
    £29.99 £27.99 Celestial Buddies - Sun
    Celestial Buddies are the perfect learning toys and Birthday gifts for kids who are fascinated about space and the planets! Each Celestial Buddy cuddly toy is based on one of the planets and this one is the largest star in...
  • Celestial Buddies - The Black Hole
    £34.99 Celestial Buddies - The Black Hole
    Black Hole…Nobody really understands me! I am a “Black Hole”, a place in space where gravity pulls so hard that even light cannot escape. The Black Hole is always very hungry and loves to snack on other celestial buddies!...
  • Celestial Buddies - Uranus
    £29.99 £19.99 Celestial Buddies - Uranus
    If you could wrap your hands around Uranus you’d feel very, very chilly indeed. The surface temperature on the planet is -365 degrees farenheit… that’s EXTREMELY cold! Luckily for us all, this cute celestial Buddie is so...
  • Celestial Buddies - Venus
    £24.99 Celestial Buddies - Venus
    Although we would love for you to be able to have the real planet Venus, our couriers unfortunately refused to travel 25 million miles to pick it up, so here is the Celestial Buddies version! With winds at 224 miles per...