Funny Shirts Celestial Buddies - The Black Hole

About the Celestial Buddies - The Black Hole

Black Hole…Nobody really understands me!

I am a “Black Hole”, a place in space where gravity pulls so hard that even light cannot escape.

The Black Hole is always very hungry and loves to snack on other celestial buddies! - He has a large enough mouth so no buddy is safe when he is around!

Animation in action!:

Facts about the black hole:

I may be invisible, but I matter a lot! My gravity is so strong because a lot of matter has been squeezed into a very tiny space. One atom may weigh as much as a mountain! As no light can get out, I can’t be seen in the ordinary sense. Scientists have to use clever methods to detect my presence by observing my effects on the stars and gases around me. As surrounding dust and gasses get sucked inside me, they are heated to very high temperatures, releasing x rays and gamma rays which scientists can “see” with special telescopes. There is still a lot of research to be done. Until then, nobody really understands me!

Educational tags;

Toy Information:

- Measurements are 18 inches long and 16 1/2 inches wide

- All New Materials

- Content: Polyester Fiber

-Conforms to all EU and US Consumer Product Safety Commission Toy Regulations

- Hand Made in China

- Appropriate for children 6 years of age and up

- This item is a sack to hold your celestial buddies.


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