• "Robert" the robot Led Key Ring
    £2.99 "Robert" the robot Led Key Ring
    Whenever you need that little bit of light, Robert the robot is here to save the day! He's small in form but packs a punch when it comes to defending enemies with his light powers
  • *SALE* Magic Floating UFO
    £9.99 £3.50 *SALE* Magic Floating UFO
    Be prepared to amaze and dazzle your friends with this flying UFO! Designed to be the ultimate trick for parties or just for having fun!
  • Alien Splat Ball
    £3.50 Alien Splat Ball
    Squishy alien toy that splats against surfaces when thrown. This liquid-filled extra-terrestrial is very squidgy and shaped like a cartoon alien character, complete with bulging dark eyes. Squeeze the figure and it will...
  • Dexterity Puzzles
    £3.99 Choose Options Dexterity Puzzles
    Perfect for aliens, Martians and Earthlings alike, this set of brainteasers is just one piece from our Intergalactic Fun & Games range. Shake, rattle and flip! A tricky test of agility and patience, these little galactic...
  • Love Bomb Cushions - Moon Keyring
    £2.99 Love Bomb Cushions - Moon Keyring
    The keychain that can party all night long! Even the biggest of ravers can’t keep up with the ‘Moon’ keyring… Ever since the moon emoji was introduced to our favourite fun communication system in 2010, this keychain has...
  • Love Bomb Cushions - Sunshine Keyring
    £2.99 Love Bomb Cushions - Sunshine Keyring
    ‘You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...’ The ‘Sunshine’ emoji keychain is perfect for brightening any cloudy day, even if the real sun isn’t showing it’s face! It will be with you all day long to bring you endless...
  • Make Your Own Pop Rocket
    £4.99 Make Your Own Pop Rocket
    Blast your way into space with this "everything in a box" kit..whooshhh!
  • Parachute Rocket
    £3.99 Parachute Rocket
    Attach rocket to catapult and launch into space. Integrated parachute will open to allow a gentle descent back to earth...
  • Slime Galaxy Large
    £2.50 Slime Galaxy Large
    A large container including a variety of galactic coloured slime, perfect for any space fan!
  • Small Diecast Space Shuttle
    £3.99 Small Diecast Space Shuttle
    Build your very own space centre with these small die cast space shuttles. These are very detailed and built to last, also include a pull back action.
  • Solar System Planet Putty Individual
    £4.00 Choose Options Solar System Planet Putty Individual
    Learn about the solar system in a fun and tactile way with Planet Putty! The assorted putty comes in a variety of colours to reflect the planets in our solar system. Squish, squeeze and mould the putty and store by...
  • Wood Flexi Robot
    £3.99 Wood Flexi Robot
    This bright and cheery Wooden Flexible Robot is both fun and flexible and a great fidget toy. Bend and twist the arms and legs for hours of delight! Features: 12cm, Suitable for 18m+ You will receive a random design out...