Get set, ready...bake! - Baking allows children to have fun whilst also creating an extra tasty treat!

We have all the right equipment including the very important apron and everything in between!

  • 3D Space Cookie Cutters
    £7.50 Choose Options 3D Space Cookie Cutters
    Cookie cutters in the shape of space ship parts. Cut out cookie dough, bake in the oven, then slot the cookies together to make edible space ships. Create super tasty star-ships, invade a faraway galaxy then munch them for...
  • 50x Space Cupcake Cases
    £1.95 50x Space Cupcake Cases
    Your cupcakes or rice crispy buns(our teams favourite!) will look devine in these space themed cases. In total you will receive 50 cases presented in a plastic case, ideal for storage.
  • Children's Space Apron
    £5.95 Children's Space Apron
    Children will be Children..Why not protect their clothes (and save washing!) by purchasing this lovely oilcloth material apron.
  • Space Adventure: Cake Bunting Kit
    £4.95 Space Adventure: Cake Bunting Kit
    There is no point getting a super duper cake without decorations to match. This cake decoration kit has everything you need including cake bunting, 4 cake toppers and 1 cake frill.
  • Space Adventures: Cupcake Kit
    £5.95 Space Adventures: Cupcake Kit
    Ideal in preparation for a birthday or why not let your child break away from all those computer games and have some edible space fun! This kit contains: 24 Cupcake Cases (height 3cm, width 7cm) and 24 Decorative Toppers...