Funny Shirts Celestial Buddies - Uranus

About the Celestial Buddies - Uranus

If you could wrap your hands around Uranus you’d feel very, very chilly indeed. The surface temperature on the planet is -365 degrees farenheit… that’s EXTREMELY cold! Luckily for us all, this cute celestial Buddie is so soft and cuddly you can wrap your arms around him and feel nothing but warmth!

Celestial Buddies are great ways to educate kids all about the entire Solar system! They come with facts about themselves and really bring the planets to life with their cute personalities.

Like his namesake this Uranus buddie is a warm teal colour and has visible rings around him. He has Uranus embroidered on the bottom of his foot and he comes with a tag that contains lots of interesting facts about his planet. For example, did you know that Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the sun?

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