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About the Pluto Plush

Planet Description:

Pluto isn't just chronically lonely - far away from the sun, the Earth, and the other celestial bodies of our solar system - the poor orb has even been expelled from the planet family!

It's true. Some evil scientists now just call him a dwarf planet. Why? Just because he's a little bit smaller than the rest... Sizists! Quirkists! Plutonists! It's all these little quirks that make him loveable! Plus, there's no other planet that holds their heart in their hands. How typical for astrophysicists to call this feature the Tombaugh Regio when we're sure that's the place where Pluto nurses and hides his feelings.

At least he got a visit on January the 19th 2015 from the space probe New Horizons when, after a flight of 9 years, they came to snap some holiday travel pics. For this special occasion, Pluto put on his friendliest smile :). Only... now he's quite lonely again... Maybe then, you could take him home to give him some cuddles and attention?

Product Description:

Plush Pluto with stitched on face, heart and arms.

Heart and arms are based on the famous images sent from NASA's space probe.

Dimensions: ca. 14cm in diameter

Scale: ca. 1:17,000,000

Material: Velour

Recommended Age: Not suitable for children under the age of 3


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