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Five Ways To Rock The Hoodie


Fall is quickly approaching, and you know what that means: it’s time to bust out that hoodie you love so much.

As it gets colder, most of us just throw one on and move on with our day, but there’s more than one way to wear it that doesn’t make getting out the door any harder than it already is, and might get you a little more attention with the ladies. 

For those of you that wanna mix it up a bit—maybe to  impress that lady friend or maybe to disguise the fact that you wear the same hoodie every day—here are a few looks inspired by some of Hollywood’s manliest dudes.

The Rocky Balboa:

This is the classic pullover look, usually in a single, plain color. This look is athletic, and will tell women that you work out. Be careful with this one though, and try to make sure you don’t look like you’re about to mug someone (skip the beanie). Tom Hardy wears this too, and the guy played Bane. Can’t go wrong here.

The Gosling:

The ladies are all about Ryan Gosling these days, and his hoodie look is easy enough to imitate. Just throw a black leather jacket on over your zip-up, and you’ve made it happen. The ladies will imagine you driving them at high speeds in a sports car and will forget that you’re just a dude in a hoodie.  Badass and comfy as hell.

The Timberlake:

Think JT in The Social Network. Rock this Harvard prep look by throwing on a blazer over that tried-and-true hoodie. Dark blazers work particularly well for this, and like that hoodie, you can get away with owning just one. This is way better than denim, and a plus of this look is that you can look pretty classy without even throwing on a tie. You’re practically a gentleman.

The Gyllenhaal:

Have a favorite graphic tee? Just throw that hoodie on over it, and you’re good to go. Can it get any easier? Seriously, no effort here. Mixing up that undershirt can even make it look like you’ve changed since yesterday (even if you pulled that shirt out of the dirty clothes pile). Remember, though—smell it first, bro.

The Reynolds:

Don’t feel like putting on a shirt too? There’s always the quintessential chest-hair look. Ryan was undershirtless in The Change-Up, but it’s a little Burt Reynolds in Deliverance too. (Minus the leather and the bow.) There’s really nothing manlier than showing off a little of the man fuzz, so embrace it. Keep in mind that this might not be the best choice for work—or for a nice date. See “The Gosling” for best results.

The hoodie can and should be the thing you wear all through fall, but remember that you’ve got options. If you’re gonna wear it every day, mix it up.  And remember, there’s no harm in owning more than one, even if they’re the same color. The chicks dig clean looking dudes.

Sammy Weston is a 28-year-old writer living in Boston, Massachusetts. Throughout his life Sammy always maintained a strong affinity for men’s fashion and has set out to share his fashionista wisdom with the world.