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Funny and Cute T-Shirts: Hot Fashion That Tells it Like it Is!


What better way to make a hot fashion statement than with a funny T-shirt. Without speaking, you can engage those around you with visual thoughts such as, "Seriously?!" or "Super-Sweet", or a gruff "Stop Staring" T-shirt. Funny sayings on T-shirts can be cute and sarcastic, but hopefully not offensive.

You might choose a tee that allows you to be passive-aggressive. Maybe you're mad at your mom and won't tell her so you happen to wear a t-shirt to her house that says, "If It's Not One Thing It's Your Mother". The point is, shirts can do the talking for us. The words make a statement while we quietly go about our business. Choose your message carefully because you might have to explain your choices. With their messages, a funny T-shirt can relax almost any atmosphere.

Funny shirts have the ability to make light of things. A crying baby might wear a funny tee that justifies his noisy attitude with, "Rebel Without a Nap". Or an older gentleman might proclaim his status in life with "Retired and Young at Heart". A pregnant woman might explain her expanding waistline with a picture of cookies and the headline: "Stuffed with Double Trouble".

Others may choose to announce their hobbies, profession, or romantic status. Many funny tees pay tribute to a recent vacation or rock concert. Weekend wear often incorporates photos of babies, pets, and cars. T-shirts often provide viewers with a snap judgment of your interests based on your attire. Some display popular cartoon characters and still others become a marketing tool as a wearable form of advertisement.

Many folks wear their favorite sports teams and designer logos in addition to funny sayings. Some of the best shirts combine humor with promotional clothing. A good example of this was the 2011 St. Louis Cardinals Rally Squirrel. During a game, this soon-to-become famous American gray squirrel ran across home plate and became something of a celebrity. Thousands of St. Louis Cardinals funny tees were sold on behalf of the Rally Squirrel.

Often, colorful graphics accompany funny phrases. With cartoons added to your slogan, banter may happily ensue when you approach likeminded folks. Funny and cute T-shirts are very popular and great conversation starters. If you're not talented with making up your own wearable lyrics, there are plenty of companies that sell great pieces of clothing to match your personality or mood.

You can walk into any mall and find funny T-shirts with interesting messages and silly graphics. With the advances in technology, finding the right shirt for you has become simple. If you don't see find what you're seeking at the mall, an online search will result in a treasure trove of possibilities. In the instance where the message or phrase is impossible to find, you can create it yourself with websites such as

A funny T-shirt sends a message about who you are and what you're about. With your clothing you might reveal your favorite baseball team or your political views. With hilarious designs and phrases, funny tees can also spark conversation. They can be funny, cute and sarcastic, but hopefully not offensive. You want to make your audience laugh at your shirt, not cringe. Be smart, and have fun with your message!

Funny T-shirts can deliver humor, advertisement, or both. Your own personality is injected into the words plastered across your torso, so choose your mood and your message wisely. The best way to show off your hot fashion sense is to wear a funny tee that tells it like it is!