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The Essential Dos And Don'ts For Wearing Slogan Tees


People seem to be divided on the issue of whether slogan tees and sweatshirts are cool, or whether they’re a trend best left in the 1990s. However, there is no getting away from the fact that the slogan top, along with many other fashion trends from the 90s, seems to be back, even if it is only for a season or two. Celebs such as Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson and even fashionistas like Cara Delevingne and Alexa Chung seem to love them, but can us everyday fashion lovers pull off the look?

Slogan tops can actually give you a great way in which to express yourself and your mood, albeit one that’s a bit more obvious than simply choosing a color or a pattern for the day. Celebrities use slogan tees for sending a message to ex-partners who’ve cheated or former friends who’ve sold stories about them, as well as to tell the paparazzi to back off. They also use them for good causes, such as to promote issues or charities that are important to them. Others simply enjoy slogan tees as a fashion statement.

If you want to dip your toe in the trend for slogan tops, here are the essential dos and don’ts you need to know:

  • Do choose something that expresses a bit of yourself. Sure, you can simply choose slogan tees that you like the look of, or you’ve seen your favorite celebrity wearing, but the best slogan tops are the ones that say a little something about yourself. It might be your mood that day or how you’re feeling about something that’s going on in your life, a reference to one of your favorite films or books or maybe an inside joke. It could even be a slogan that simply expresses your attitude to life or a part of your personality. Just have some fun with it!
  • Don’t wear slogan tops to work. Even if yours doesn’t say anything offensive, it is still likely to be considered inappropriate or unprofessional by your bosses. You can pull it off on a dress-down day, but never for a big meeting.
  • Do keep the rest of your look a bit grown-up. Teaming women’s sweat shirts and T-shirts bearing slogans with something that is neutral and maybe a bit more grown-up is the perfect way to create an interesting outfit. In fashion, clashing and mixing styles is the key to creating unique looks, so have a rummage around in your wardrobe to see how you can style up your slogan tee.
  • Don’t choose anything too controversial, unless you are prepared for lots of attention. Offensive or controversial slogan tees might seem fun, but you will find that you’ll get lots of people coming up to you when wearing one. You might even get turned away from a shop or restaurant. As a last point, you might want to avoid areas where children are likely to be if your slogan tee is a bit shocking – save it for a night out instead.

Christien Felton writes for Fashion Union retailer of women's fashion online.